Additive Fabrication

The problem with all additive manufacturing technologies is that they are all struggling with economics for now. Additive Fabrication does not mean high volumes for prototype pricing.

Delivery on demand and added value through complex designs are two ways to overcome the basic root problem of all additive technologies today - costs.

It is not that the machines are too expensive but that compared with a similar investment in conventional production equipment (milling, injection molding, casting, etc.) present Additive Fabrication machines do not provide sufficient value for money, quite simply: what comes out of the machines costs too much. This goes through the whole chain of supplies and services.

If you draw a pie chart of all the costs involved you can make the relations look nice but it does not address the fact that the cake is way too big!

To be economical, all the above items need to be addressed and the price of the machine is not the most important factor. Operating costs for the machines and their output need to reach a completely new level.

XXX with their new YYY machine priced under ZZZ $ try to hide the material costs, with which they make most of the money, under a thick blanket of a nice price deal. We believe that this works fine for the prototyping market but will never work for series fabrication.

That´s why we decided to approach these challenges in a different way. And that is the base of our business model. With our SMS Technology we can address all core issues at the same time.
The speed = output and the material requirements/costs = input. 

The Selective Mask Sintering Technology is the base for a true production machine not just by being designed for production and by having a nice user interface but by actually providing the basic economics for production.
This is significant and even better is the fact that to some extent it will make the price of the machine less of an issue. So, as a machine manufacturer we do not need to compete on machine price alone.

Having said all this, the Sintermask machine represents the optimum for real production with Additive Fabrication.


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