fabbster kit
The fabbster prints three-dimensional objects from different plastic materials. The device comes in a compact box as a partially assembled construction kit. The kit is completely mounted within about two to three hours. fabbster combines high quality 24V electronics and stepper drives guided by linear ball bearings with stainless steel and high-quality plastic components reinforced by fiberglass.
Next to these features that make the fabbster stand out from other personal 3D-printers, fabbster also introduces a new innovative technology in terms of melting the consumption material:

SDM - Stick Depositon Moulding
The extruder of the printer is fed with special sticks developed by the fabbster team. These sticks are characterized by a cogging-shape. They are made by injection molding technique and thus are much more precise than the round wire used in low-end-printers. This innovation offers some major advantage over circular filament that is subject to slip.
The result is a precise dosage of the melt. This way you are able to print objects with optimal material properties.

The sticks can be fed to the extruder via a supply magazine automatically.
Also they can be easily combined to produce an object in various colors and materials!

fabbster materials

fabbster materials have to go through a complex qualification process until they are eventually released with predefined processing recommendations for the use in fabbster 3D-printers.
Production of the sticks is subject to a quality system certified to
DIN ISO 9001:2008
Thus the original fabbster sticks offer the highest level of quality and machinability for ideal 3D-printing results.

fabbster material sticks are supplied with certified processing parameters to produce high quality parts right from your first print-out.

Innovative toolpath strategies for the extruded material also accelerate production dramatically and make the parts more stable.

Operating the system is all too easy, thanks to its especially developed software  And both during production and finishing, you do not need any special expertise or precautions.


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