Sintermask is a new company. But it was not started from scratch. There is a history behind:

In 1995 FIT GmbH was founded by Carl Fruth.

In 1996 Ralf Larson developed a technique for Rapid Prototyping based on infrared heating lamps.

In 2000 Speedpart AB was founded to commercialise the technology and the intellectual proprietary rights to the technique were transferred to Sintermask in conjunction with the first investment. 

In 2006 the first system was delivered to a beta customer.

In spring 2007 FIT GmbH received a first SMS beta system.
Since March 2007 FIT has developed a new system design based on the the patented SMS Technology from Sintermask.

In autumn 2007 Speedpart AB was renamed Sintermask AB.

In winter 2008 FIT acquired 100% of Sintermask AB.

In February 2009 Sintermask GmbH was founded and all assets were transferred to the German company. All the SMS activities from FIT GmbH where transferred to Sintermask GmbH.




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