04/24/09 - Partnership contract between netfabb and Sintermask

Lupburg, Germany: netfabb® GmbH and Sintermask GmbH agreed on a partnership contract to develop solutions for Additive Fabrication.

"With the development of the ZORRO system it was clear to us, that we need a high performance solution for the data handling. The high performance of the machine generates a lot of data which must be managed. Not only the data preparation and the labeling of the parts is an issue,  the quality management of the workflow while doing Additive Fabrication is a brand new issue. The netfabb® Studio Software has already solved so many required issues that we decided to integrate our human interface directly into the netfabb® Studio Software.", states Carl Fruth the CEO of Sintermask.

"We are very happy that Sintermask has understood our concept for quality management in Additive Fabrication systems. We are sure they made the right choice in accepting us as their preferred software partner. Their Selective Mask Technology to melt the complete layer in one flash is really fast. Our software competence is ideal for Additive Fabrication. Sintermask and netfabb® are a dream team for being successful in Additive Fabrication" said Alexander Oster CEO of netfabb®.


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