Open Platform

We are a machine manufacturer.  We need to provide reliable production machines.

We want you to buy our machines and therefore it is in our interest that YOU earn money with them. The more you earn the more machines you can buy from us.

How to get there? We do not know exactly, but we know exactly that we do not know 100% of your needs and secrets. That´s why we want to offer you an "open" machine with a parameter range as open as possible. Feel free to do everything with the machine you want without hurting yourself!

You want to use a different material than our recommendation? Do it! We are a machine manufacturer, no material supplier.

You cannot believe this? Have you ever bought steel from your milling machine manufacturer or plastics from your injection moulding machine manufacturer? Sounds funny, doesn´t it?

Believe us, that is normal and we think it is also the only way for you to compete against traditionally produced products.

We will never have the knowledge and the man power to optimize all the applications. You can do it much better and you can get there with our open platform concept.

That´s one reason why we think our machines are an ideal solution for any research or development department or university.

Companies that want to act in the Additive Manufacturing market need to develop their specific, unique applications, otherwise they cannot compete in price.

Our open platform concept without the limitations of the traditional rapid prototyping market is your solution for that.

Ready for Additive Manufacturing!


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