The Pollux 32 System

The Pollux 32 was the first system using the SMS Technology which was commercially available.

Five Pollux 32 systems were produced from 2006 to 2008 for beta testing of the SMS Technology. They were used for research and development purposes.

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Old Datasheet for Pollux 32

The beta program with the Pollux 32 was stopped in the beginning of 2009 and no more machines are available.

There had been conducted a lot of tests and benchmarks with the parts built in the Pollux systems. The parts showed that it is possible to use a mask to build parts with extraordinarily good mechanical properties and that the demands on the build material are lower compared to pointwise sintering. 

The Pollux 32 System was not used for commercial prototyping or production. In the Pollux 32 an electron beam printer generated the mask. The toner consumption for the mask was quite high in that system.

The results from the different beta customers are now being integrated in the development of the new ZORRO system.



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