Additive Fabrication

In 1987 the first commercial rapid prototyping system entered the market. Rapid prototyping is a well established application for layer by layer working systems. More than 35 different companies offer solutions therefore.

We think that there is no need for another manufacturer for rapid prototyping solutions.

Our vision is different compared to that of most of these companies. After more than 20 years in the RP market we want to go for production solutions.

Let´s call it Additive Fabrication to avoid any similarity to hobbies like 3D-printing or rapid prototyping. To raise the bar we are going to compete against injection moulding for plastic, metal injection moulding and ceramic injection molding.

We believe that our Selective Mask Sintering Technology (SMS) can compete with parts that fit to a 50 tons clamping force injection moulding machine. SMS is faster and can produce nearly any complexity you can imagine. No need for expensive tools and much less lead time for your products, independently from the number of parts.

Bigger parts are possible to build but to double the size means eight times the cost in Additive Fabrication, in some cases it may however be economically resonable.


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